SUPERMOMMost days I feel like a juggler…heck maybe I should join the circus..oh wait the circus is in my own home!  Mealtimes are especially hairy here trying to feed a two-year old and the twins. I can only imagine when all three of them are having three square meals a day (whatever that means).  We have discovered one item which is helpful sometimes with feeding the twins.  It is a bottle holder, if you get the angle just right and the babies can grip the holder, they can slug down the bottle themselves.  http://www.diapers.com/p/lil-helper-baby-bottle-holder-pink-920776.  This also sometimes works with a rolled up burp cloth or blanket.  Ultimately they all need adjusting at some point as evidenced by shrieks when the bottle falls out of their mouths.

This may give me 10 minutes to prepare/help Henry with his meals or throw some dishes in the dishwasher. Maybe even throw down a cheese stick for myself, what a novel idea!  Gone are the days when I can sit all nice and cozy and have that baby bonding feeding time.  Now that we are onto kid two and three this is survival mode.

My first reaped the benefits of those mommy/baby moments when no one else was around, no distractions, and no need to juggle anything. There are some sweet moments with the twins when Henry is sleeping that I get lots of smiles and snuggles. I cherish those fleeting moments and then put back on my superhero cape to join the circus that is called home.


What’s not in my diaper bag…a grocery list!

This weekend after a quick workout at the gym, I headed to the grocery store to pick up a few ingredients for dinner and staples for the next few days.  In my younger/single days I would go to the store without a list as I could remember everything I needed and wasn’t planning meals for a family.  These days we plan a few meals out for the week that can also yield some leftovers. Our crockpot has been getting tons of mileage as well as our Le Creuset dutch oven.  I am now realizing these were some of our best wedding presents.  The one pot meals have become the way to go in our family.

I decided to go shopping list free which was not the smartest idea. Working on a few hours of sleep and hungry post workout..I was wandering the aisles up and down without purpose.  I must have looked like a lost puppy dog or a mom of three children age two and under!  Without a plan of attack or menu in mind, I randomly picked up sweet potatoes, an onion, boneless chicken thighs, some broccoli, yogurt, milk, bread, ect.

I got home and started to google recipes for the crockpot which included ingredients such as chicken, sweet potatoes, and apples which I already had.  I came across this one…http://www.stockpilingmoms.com/2013/09/crockpot-chicken-with-apple-and-sweet-potato/

The only ingredient I was missing was ground ginger and I used sweetened applesauce because that was all I had in the pantry.  Also, we have been hooked on boneless chicken thighs lately rather than chicken breast.  Needless to say about 6 hours later it was a hit! My picky toddler ate his whole bowl and exclaimed “more food!”

Maybe I’m on to something here…being listless wasn’t such a bad thing!


Lobster Tote..An Upgrade

Lobster ToteI realized after I had twins plus a toddler still in diapers, that I was going to need a MUCH bigger diaper bag.  The original Skip Hop brand I received at my baby shower for my oldest was no longer cutting it. I tried for about a month to shove all my baby paraphernalia in there.  It was busting at the seams.  Time to move on to bigger and better things. For Christmas, my lovely husband gifted me a lobster tote handmade in Maine. I love lobsters, both as a meal and an accessory.  This bag is up for the challenge.

This blog was inspired by the US Weekly’s celebrity segment “What’s in my bag?” US Weekly is about all I can muster to read these days..it’s quick and doesn’t require thinking. With almost four month old twins and a two year old at home, it fits the bill. No novels here, maybe someday when I don’t pass out after page two.

Now to the good stuff..what’s in my diaper bag you ask? Well at the moment, a Luna bar for that snack on the go (Mom’s eat last around here) Two sizes of Pampers diapers (man will I be happy when we are a semi-diaper free household!). Pacifiers, baby wipes, hand wipes, antibacterial wipes, whew that is a lot of cleaning!  Cars, trucks, sippy cups, books, bottles and bourbon (whoops, scratch that last one!). Oh yes, and my wallet for all of those drive-thru coffee runs and a lovely MAC lipstick which is buried in the very bottom of one of the pockets…I guess I’m not wearing that! Don’t forget my phone so I can check in with everyone on Facebook 🙂

Needless to say this tote is pretty heavy, but it works and it’s cute and reminds me that summer is just around the corner right? I am dreaming of using it as a beach bag……