It’s gettin’ hot in here..

Hot-YogaI ditched the diaper bag this weekend for my trusty (dusty) yoga mat. I have been out of exercise mode after some minor surgery. I figured yoga would be good for the mind and body.  As of late, I have been frequenting our local gym, but had one more class left to use on my pass to Open Doors Yoga Studio.  I hit power yoga hard in the winter months, but for some reason this spring I have been doing more cardio/weights at the gym and walking/jogging outside since it’s warming up.

I picked an early morning power yoga class level 2/3 (difficult) which I have taken in the past, but like I said not recently.  Don’t be fooled people. Power means wicked hot and steamy!  With the temperature hovering around 95 degrees and the humidity high I felt like I was in the Caribbean until about a half hour into the class when I felt like I was a stick of butter melting in a hot frying pan. Oh, and did I mention I forgot to bring a towel?! My yoga mat turned into a slip and slide and I was laughing to myself and the woman next to me.  Child’s pose became my best friend, and I drank all of my water down to the last drop. When I could hold downward dog without slipping onto the hardwood floor, I would count the drips of sweat landing on my mat.  I was soaked and definitely left everything on my mat (mind and body).

Today, I grimace as my quads scream walking up and down stairs. I have mat burn marks on my elbows from some crazy plank and dolphin action.  Was this some form of extreme sport or worse torture?!  I think not, and will I be back for more? Heck yes, but I will definitely bring a towel and load up on Advil!


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