It’s gettin’ hot in here..

Hot-YogaI ditched the diaper bag this weekend for my trusty (dusty) yoga mat. I have been out of exercise mode after some minor surgery. I figured yoga would be good for the mind and body.  As of late, I have been frequenting our local gym, but had one more class left to use on my pass to Open Doors Yoga Studio.  I hit power yoga hard in the winter months, but for some reason this spring I have been doing more cardio/weights at the gym and walking/jogging outside since it’s warming up.

I picked an early morning power yoga class level 2/3 (difficult) which I have taken in the past, but like I said not recently.  Don’t be fooled people. Power means wicked hot and steamy!  With the temperature hovering around 95 degrees and the humidity high I felt like I was in the Caribbean until about a half hour into the class when I felt like I was a stick of butter melting in a hot frying pan. Oh, and did I mention I forgot to bring a towel?! My yoga mat turned into a slip and slide and I was laughing to myself and the woman next to me.  Child’s pose became my best friend, and I drank all of my water down to the last drop. When I could hold downward dog without slipping onto the hardwood floor, I would count the drips of sweat landing on my mat.  I was soaked and definitely left everything on my mat (mind and body).

Today, I grimace as my quads scream walking up and down stairs. I have mat burn marks on my elbows from some crazy plank and dolphin action.  Was this some form of extreme sport or worse torture?!  I think not, and will I be back for more? Heck yes, but I will definitely bring a towel and load up on Advil!


Motherly Pet Peeves

Not in order of importance…

1. Changing a pee diaper to have it immediately filled with poop! (my toddler)

2. Having complete strangers touch your babies….ewww I would never do this, have you heard of personal space and GERMS hello?

3. Why did my two year old eat a bushel of corn two days ago and now he won’t touch the stuff?

4. Random strangers saying “my you have your hands full” when seeing me out with my gaggle. Why yes this is painfully obvious, but really don’t all mothers have their hands full (of bodily fluids, snacks, bottles, toys, babies, ect?) PS would you like to help me??

5. Why are all toddler snack foods shaped like bunnies? How about a nice monkey or squirrel for some variety?

6. All musical toys and vehicles must have an on/off switch and or a volume control.

7. Snap pajamas are a pain….there must be some more zip ones somewhere I could save a whole 5 minutes at bedtime!

8. The tangled mess of velcroed bibs coming out of the dryer sticking to everything.

9. Laundry (see above)

10. Nap skipping..seriously? Now I can’t shower/eat/nap/clean all in a couple of hours. This goes along with car napping which also is not cool. Continue reading