Back in the Saddle….

Working-MomsI’ve been slacking on the blogging lately.  Two reasons, I have gone back to work Per Diem and I have three kids! I guess I may have overused the second excuse:) Oh, and I also ran a 5K last weekend in Cambridge (despite minimal training) I was wicked slow, but didn’t stop to walk. Although I was mighty tempted to at the one and only water station. It was cold and drizzly, but there were lots of folks out there and the race energy was good. I don’t really like to run, but do enjoy the cold beverages at the end and hanging out with good friends. I also like to get free T shirts, and this one wasn’t half bad!

On the work front… It was definitely weird to go back as I had been on leave for about six months. I was more nervous about the work part and not leaving my brood for the day. On my ride in, my early morning drive thru coffee lady remembered me and wished me good luck back at work! Things went pretty well although I must admit I was lacking some sleep, but didn’t miss a single I.V.  My co-workers were lovely and welcomed me back with open arms. It was heavenly to eat (not shovel) lunch for thirty minutes in peace and quiet without having to juggle a baby or toddler. It was also pretty nice having adult conversation with my patients.

Everyone survived, the kids and house were in one piece and I got lots of smiles and love as I entered the door. And off I went to continue my “double shift”, hmm…what’s for dinner?


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