Five Months

5 months Almost half a year. Time is going quickly with these two.  They are turning into little people who have great personalities.  Things I am enjoying at the moment in baby plus toddler land…

1. An abundance of smiles

2. Belly laughs (Charlie) usually associated with tickling

3. Blowing raspberries (Claire)

4. Ticklish under arms (Charlie)

5. Loves it when I kiss their cheeks (Claire)

6. Bounces like crazy in the jumperoo (Charlie) So much so that he passed out in it.  This also happened when Henry was an infant.

7. Oatmeal splattered over two sets of chubby cheeks

8. Sophie the giraffe (it’s back, the most expensive chew toy!) Claire gnaws on it mostly, Charlie indulges a little.

9. Warm weather….FINALLY! It’s been a long winter…

10. Coffee (still not consistently sleeping through the night here) but hey since it’s warm, make it iced!

11. Love “taps” from Henry on the twins heads (this sounds much nicer than it actually is)

12. The opening of I’m headed there this weekend.





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