Shopping Cart

Now that Henry is getting older, he is boycotting sitting in the shopping cart.  I used to be able to bribe him with toys, fruit fShopping Cartilled pouches and yes the occasional munchkin from Dunkin (no judgement).  He would rather run around the store now which makes the task of grocery shopping pretty difficult.  Our local Trader Joe’s has miniature shopping carts perfect for toddlers.  I don’t know who was more excited to see this, Henry or his mom!  Off we go to conquer the store right?
Not so much….this “quick” trip to pick up a few things turned into an hour-long excursion.  I turn left with my cart and Henry goes right.  He scours the same aisle multiple times.  He loves the samples of oranges the nice lady is handing out.  Ok, time to move on buddy as he is covered in orange juice.  I pick up random assorted items, cheddar rockets, pretzel sticks and other snacky things all of which he wants to sample.  And we finally get to the checkout line, what a process….I’m spent.  At least he was a big hit in the store, everyone exclaiming “how cute!” Yeah he’s cute alright until you drive home, unload your groceries and realize you still have nothing for dinner!  Time for takeout?


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