Party of Five

tray standVenturing out for a meal as a family of five poses some new challenges. We were always a fan of breakfast out with our toddler as it’s a relatively quick meal when you get there at the crack (7AM) and order your kids food first (blueberry pancakes).

Now with two infant car seats, a toddler needing a high chair and two adults, we have to scope out a new seating arrangement for our brood.  Our local breakfast joint can accommodate us.  The food is tasty and the coffee is free flowing for us sleep deprived parents.

We get a six person table in the back and use two tray stands for the car seats. This is brilliant! Never would I have thought to use this for an infant carrier back when I was in college waitressing during summers…not on my radar at that point! A high chair for our two-year old and plenty of cars and books out of the trusty lobster diaper bag and we are good to go.  Bring on the bacon…bon appetit!


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